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Driving Tuition



As soon as you become a student of YoLoni Driving Tuition we send you a welcome message asking for the information we need: address/licence number. Once we have this information we can start your lessons, not only to teach you how drive, but also how to pass your tests. Here is some useful information that will help you on your way to a test pass.


      *  Theory & Practical Tests


* You need to pass the theory test before taking a practical test...

* Take your UK photo card driving licence to both theory & practical tests, face coverings must be worn on tests and driving lessons...


To book a Theory Test:

Go to: or p. 0300 200 1122


* Theory Test Centres



Salford Quays



      * Ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to test...


* The Theory

Theory questions, Hazard Perception Videos & Highway Code


Online Theory Tests


The Official DVSA Theory Test App


      *  Learner Driver Insurance

Collingwood Learners

Take advantage of this learner drivers Insurance scheme so you can insure most cars under your own policy on a Pay As You Go basis, from a 7, 28 or 84 day-period. Drive a relatives/friends car without risk to their own insurance, go to: or p. 087024000 Ensure that you QUOTE reference code:271859 to receive discounted renewal rates. Be a safe and legal driver.


To book a Practical Test

 £62.90 (weekends £75.90)

Go to: or p. 0300 200 1122 

My ADI Number is: 271859 (add this number in the space required)


* Please allow 2 hours for the Practical Test


      * Local Practical Test Centres


West Didsbury





       * DVSA 'Show Me, Tell me' Vehicle Safety Questions


You’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions 1 at the start before you drive off and 1 whilst you are on your driving test… 

Go to:


 * Driving Test Cancellations Now/Find Earlier Driving Tests

                        Add Referral Code: WL5GD

                       Go to: 


* Pass Plus!


The pass plus course is to gain further driving experience including driving on the motorways whilst with your Instructor. You will receive a certificate to gain a further 20% off car insurance for a 2-year period. The 20% saving generally pays for the price of the course and there isn't another test involved. If you would like to do the course let me know as it is best to go out with your Instructor before you go on the motorway ...

£140 per 3 hours

(usually split into two 3 hour sessions)


* Motorway Lessons 

 £45 per 1hr, £65 per 1.5hr


New guidelines regarding driving lessons


Driving lessons and practical tests will Not be carried out if the pupil is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have a High temperature.

Pupils will need to Wash Their Hands with Soap and Water before entering the car.

Sanitising gel will be provided once in the car.

Face Coverings Preferred & Gloves are advised, bring your own for hygiene purposes

(to be used Once only and washed at 60c)

One to one tuition only and passengers not allowed.

Pupils wear clothing to cover as much of the skin as possible, short sleeves acceptable.

The car will be sanitised between lessons ready for the next pupil.

Driving lessons will be carried out in the safest way to protect the Instructor and Pupil.

Pupils can only go Alone on their practical test and no accompanying passengers, please take note of the examiner’s comments as there will be no Instructor debrief after the test.

Face Coverings must be worn on the test, exceptions made for certain medical conditions and disabilities. 

There will be Washroom Facilities open at the test centre and examiner's will meet candidates at their car.


Stay Safe, drive safe!


YoLoni Driving Tuition